What is Antivirus,How it protect our computer.

By | February 27, 2020

What is Antivirus,How it protect our computer.

Your computer has been slowed, the file has been deleted from your system or there is no file in the pen drive, this happens to us often, friends do not panic today we will know why this happens

Hello friends, I welcome you Wholetechs In this Post, we will talk about what antivirus is and how it works. Antivirus software is very important for pc.

How to Detech the Viruses in Devices

First, we have to find a virus in our computer. Second, if a file is damaged by the virus, try to repair it and third. Virus-corrupted file, If it cannot be repaired, then help us to delete it from the computer,

How antivirus detect virus

Now you are wondering how the antivirus is successful in doing so because the antivirus has a database containing the signature of the virus when Antivirus scans our system, then it compares all the files in our computer with the information of viruses available in its database and If any file or program matches any virus program as a virus and then after the complete scan is over, tells us about all the viruses which we can either use through anti-virus to delete. Or you can delete it from the computer forever.

Why it is Necessery to Updte Antivirus Software

So you often hear people speaking.You must have heard that if antivirus is installed on your computer, then we will have to update it periodically so that our antivirus database can become knowledgeable about the virus that has been removed and can protect our system when the time comes.

How to update antiviruss software

To update the antivirus, you can choose the update option and for which internet will be required any antivirus program RAM definitely has some features like realtime web site filtering firewalls etc. Real time scanning is an important feature of any antivirus as it scans all the running programs and files before they are united whether there is a virus.

Why Computer become slow while using antivirus program

But keep in mind, in this way your computer’s performance is reduced, training is our only. It is necessary that even if the speed is reduced a little, it does not matter that the same website filtering means that the website which is not right, the time site virus on the piracy site, etc., should be blocked before opening in the computer and with the same firewall.

Also antivirus is a very important part of the program as it controls and manages all our incoming and outgoing internet traffic like For example, when you request to open a file or website on the Internet, upload a file somewhere from your system, it runs an outgoing connection. The same answer is when downloading a file, opening a website is called an incoming connection.

What is difference be Antivirus and Firewall

Firewall checks both of these, one thing should be special that if you use the Internet very much then your system The existence of the Firewall.It is very important because today more problems come from misuse of internet in our system.


So friends, I hope that you have understood the information given by me, so Share this post with to more people and get tech and computer knowledge regular.

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