Make Money from Youtube Esay step

By | March 5, 2020

Make Money from Youtube Esay step

Introduction:-All people aim is earn money online and want to become famous and rich.Many people earn money online but many people have no idea how to earn money online.So I talk about how to earn money online from youtube with best method and idea.So lets Start.

Youtube income

*First of all i talk about income of youtube. Youtube is the best application and wapsite to watch. all the interesting video,movies,songs etc. Youtube income is depend on your hardwork. You make the best video and best post upload on youtube and do hardwork much more.Many people spent lots of time in youtube and some people watch youtube only for educational purposes.Youtube is a international company.It is a app of google.

Lets Talk about How To Start Earn Money

First of all make a channel in youtube. Make a channel those you have much more information. Going to youtube and click on create new channel and choose your channel name and enter it. Now you should make a video in your phone,Camera,Laptop etc.Upload your video in your youtube channel. Make sure your video is best.Make edit your video and upload the video.

Requirements of Youtube

Youtube require some thing. First is In your channel have 1k Subscribers and 4000 Hours watch time. Second is Do not copy and paste any other video.Make and upload your video.You complete the youtube requirements in 1Year.

How to Watch Your Views and Watch Time

For see your view and watch time. Download Youtube Studio application in your mobile Phone and sign in your google account which have your youtube channel.Then click on Dashboard. They show all your subscribers and Watch Time. They shows the record of 1year.

Make sure you upload best video in youtube.For increase your watch time share your youtube video to your friends.Youtube pay the income in US Dollars.Youtube is the best way to Earn money online Do not click on the evaluation!

You can make money on YouTube before you throw your hands up and down. I am showing you that you need to focus on other sources of revenue to make real money on the platform, not to disappoint your YouTube channel goals. Let’s focus on some famous examples of YouTubers making big banks, and then show you how to make real money.

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How popular are YouTube celebrities?

Everyone is fascinated by the myth that millions of YouTube stars are making money on YouTube. Exact income is not always shared, but estimates are in the top ten, with more than $ 10 million a year and thousands of dollars every time a video is uploaded.

The six-year-old Ryan video from the ‘Ryan’s Toy Review’ is estimated to fetch 11 million for his 10 million members by opening the toy. I think my 5 year old son is responsible for half the views on the channel. Ryan and his parents are adept at finding different sources of income, from their line of toys to licensing and contracts with Nickelodeon.

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