How To Secure Your Device -full Guide

By | March 21, 2020

How To Secure Your Device -full Guide

Introduction:-How to secure your data or Device.In this post I Tech about Data and Device Security.

Security is very important in our It is also important for Our Device or Data.So Lets Talk about Security. Security is very important.For all phone and Device Data is very important.

Data Security

In our phone have lots of data. All the data is very important for him.All the device like laptop,Pc,Mobile,Tablet have included important Data.So in this post i tell about how to secure your data so read.

Which Device For Secure your Data ,

In online have lots of data.All the people make password for secure your data.Mobile,Laptop,Pc,Tablet etc.

How to secure Data and Device Explain

First of all make a unique password.No share passwords to another person.Do not write your password in phone Notepad.Make you two Step verifications for more secure your data.Make your password with best title.Do not make a password related as your name, phone number, Date of birth, Birth Place, Your City ,State, Mother name, Father name, Pet name, Wife Name. This is very Important For you, Many people target your Data from your name, Pet name, DOB etc. so i not recommended u to make your password with this titles.Make your password very Unique.Do Not Share your Password with other person.

This is very important.Do not share your password with your friends and relatives.Create a strong password and never save your password in your Device.You can learn your password in your mind.Make privacy settings goods.Make Anti-Thief your Device.Do not connect open or free wifi and off your Bluetooth.

For Lost Device Secure your Data

For Lost Devices how to secure your data.First of all Open your Google Account which account u Open in your lost phone.Go to setting make secure your data go to Security and go to two step verification and verify with your gmail.Delete your all Auto fill password with your google account and select lost device and sign out from lost device.This step is very important for lour lost device.Make your Data more private

How to Secure your Bank Detail

For Bank detail is secure first of all Do not share your Debit or credit card detail and OTP or other bank password with other person.For online banking only open bank official wapsite. Do not open any other wapsite or link.Do not save bank id and password and other bank detail in your phone.Make 100% unique password for your online banking.For online shopping use only best shopping wapsite. Do not Placed order from new sites.

Bewares from online payment for person.Only phone internet open when your surf online banking do not connect any other Public WiFi or Free wifi in your area or other placed.Do not share your password or detail with any other person and not save your all data in your phone.Do not save Your card detail in any other wapsite. Beware online payment fruad. Only use trusted wapsite So follow this step to secure your data or device.

  • Conclusion
    This is the best way to secure your data or device.

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