How to change UPI PIN in Google Pay

By | March 2, 2020

How to change UPI PIN in Google Pay

Google pay introduction:-Google pay is one of the best application which is used to pay online money transfer.It is used to transfer money from one bank to another bank.It is very fast and simple.Its is very secure and used easily.Many people use this application for transaction.They no require any Kyc.They require only bank account and register mobile number.

It is the app also use in upi,It is used to pay the amount in upi.Google pay application support all mobile phone.Android or IOS this application is work in all the mobile phones very easily.This application is available in Play Store (Android) and App Store (Apple).

Security Provide by google pay

Google pay provide best security to the customers. This app is very secure.So many people believe in this application. It is the app of google.Google gives best security to the customer. This app is very popular and famous in india. Most people use this application in india. For india this application is very best and secure. Make a Pincode in this application.For every transaction they require the Pincode.This is very best.

How to download this application

*First step is Go to Play Store and App Store in your mobile phone.
*In the search box,Search Google Pay
*The application is shown in the 1st number
*Download The application and install.
*To make the payment,Register your bank account details in google *pay.After registration this application is ready to use.

How to change Upi Pin in google pay

*First step is Click on Three Dots in Right Side
*Click on settings
*Click on your profile photo show in Left Side
*Then click on your Bank Account
*Click on three Dots again show in Right Side
*Click on Change UPI Pin
*Enter your Old UPI Pin
*Then Enter Your New UPI Pin
*After completing this step then click on Submit
*Your UPI Pin is successfully changed

This Method (Steps) is used to change your UPI Pin in your Google Pay application.

UPI is Free Of Cost

Google Pay is a free application. They not charge for any transaction which you make. They not require any additional charge for payment.This is best application and Use Free of cost.Google pay first name is TEZ. It is also an application of Google.After few Years google Change the name of this application. They make Google Pay From TEZ app. They also provides best security and make your all transaction is fast and secure.

Features of UPI

Google pay is the best and Fast payment transaction app.Big business men also use this application for all payment done.Because this is very fast and secure application.So many people believe in this application.

It is used to pay via upi or phone number.In this app you have a barcode.For The use of this barcode you will receive payment from another google pay user.

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